About Us

THE BOYAJYAN CENTER FOR THE ARTS – BCFA is a new cultural platform in Yerevan founded in 2019 by the BF family with the aim of making the culture of Armenia as accessible to the public as possible. 
One of the primary goals of the CFA is to support young artists by giving them opportunity to appear before the public.

THE BOYAJYAN CENTER FOR THE ARTS plans individual and group exhibitions, literary evenings, lectures, meetings with interesting people, concerts, enriching and informative programs for children, solo performances, and educational and cultural events. 
You can learn more about upcoming exhibitions and other events here.

Established within the CFA is the world’s first and only Armenian Graphic Art Museum and includes works of art by Edgar Chahine, Jean Carzou, Jean Jansem and unique graphic works and artwork of other major Armenian artists of the 20th century. 

In its creative projects The Boyajyan Center for The Arts gives special importance to the education and development of children by organizing Classical Armenian (Grabar), painting, theatrical speech, and calligraphy courses. 

The gallery concept acquires a different form and content inside the BCFA; here, the art environment turns into a place where visitors can come to work and become acquainted with the works of art and their history. 

The BCFA opposes the widespread monotony, and brings in new ideas and expands aesthetic perceptions of art-loving people.

We invite you to become a member of the BCFA and take advantage of all the benefits.

BOYAJYAN CENTER FOR THE ARTS is located at Spendiaryan 4 Str.
Phone: +374 98 900 218
Email: info@bak.am
We look forward to seeing you.

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